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French Tips Resurfaced - Bigger and Better.

Fashion trends tend to resurface, and it was only a matter of time until the French Tip manicure was back on trend. Late last year we saw the classic French tip revamped, the fun somewhat nostalgic nail trend has gained momentum and is going nowhere in 2022.

Let’s back track a little and talk about the traditional French manicure. This style was defined by white nail polish across the nail’s tip, with a natural pale pink base finished with a high gloss polish – a look that was timeless and chic. This style oozes sophistication and is worn in a variety of different settings, from casual to corporate. This style has been around for decades and no wonder we have decided to put a twist on this classic design.

What we have learnt that there is no real right or wrong as to where you can take this trend. At STICKIT Nails we have joined the French tip nail revolution stocking the following styles:

Classic French


Similarly, to what we mentioned above our ‘Classic French’ semi-cured nails have a white tip with a clear base. These nails also have a thin strip of silver glitter between the white and clear to add a little bit of sparkle, but still ensure that they are natural looking and sophisticated.

Modern French


Sticking with the class French colours our ‘Modern French’ design uses the classic colours of white and clear, that allows the natural nail bed colour to shine through. This set have a modern twist, there are a variety of designs in the pack to allow for a little bit of extra creative flare. The pack contains the standard French, gingham and solid white nails. These nails are elegant and classy on-trend take on the look.


Colour Me Up


A gorgeous take on the French tip, is to go rouge and put a different colour tip on each finger. Our ‘Colour Me Up’ style is exactly this offering a coloured French tip in each colour of the rainbow. They’re bright and bold, perfect for summer and spring or if you are looking to brighten your winter with statement nails.


A contemporary option for a colour French tip is to combine two complementary colours together. In 2022, a French manicure doesn’t just mean the tips; give the look a modern vibe with sweeping waves from the tip to the bottom of the nail. Wave nails are everywhere at the moment so our ‘Copacabana’ nails will be sure to tick the boxes for nail trends 2022.

Leap into Spring


What we have found is that there are no rules as to far you modernise the class French manicure look. Our ‘Leap into Spring’ nails are a great example of this. These nails have a variety of different styles with the key theme of French tips. This nail set is a mix of pastel blue tips, blue waves, and an overlay of black foliage with gold specks. These nails are the right amount of busy and are perfect for the warmer months.

Purple Rain

Similarly, to the previously mentioned the ‘Purple Rain' nails combine the classic tip in purple, with a few white and purple waves with some subtle moons and stars.

There are so many options when it comes to coloured tip nails. This look is all about adding the modern touch to the classic French manicure with bright pops of colour and patterns.


Which of these STCIKIT Nails colourful French tip nail designs will you be trying this year?

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