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Purple Rain Semi Cured-gel Nail Sticker Kit

Purple Rain Semi Cured-gel Nail Sticker Kit

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Purple Rain nails are a pale pink base with a mix of purple and white swirls and while stars and moons. 

Packaging Contains:

  • 20 Purple Rain semi-cured gel nails wraps (10 sizes)
  • Manicure stick
  • Nail file


* Please note you require a UV lamp to cure the Purple Rain gel nail wraps, you can get yours  here

What are Purple Rain Semi-cured Nail Wraps?

STICKIT Nails wraps are just like having your nails done at your local salon but at a third of the price.

Our Purple Rain nail wraps come semi cured to 60% and only require an additional 60 seconds (under the UV Lamp) to set the liquid gel. Once the gel has completely set, we’d expect a typical set of nails to last up to 2 weeks.

STICKIT Nails Facts

  • No Mess - Our Purple Rain semi cured nails don't require any nail polishes, nail polish removers or long waiting times to dry. Simply apply the nail and after 60 seconds under our UV Lamp you're set to go.
  • Easy to Apply - Select the correct size, stick and trim them to your nail – Super easy! 
  • UV Lamp – Remember, it’s important you use a UV Lamp to cure the strips fully. This will ensure the gel is completely hardened and you can maximise the life of your new nails (You can get your UV Lamp from here)
  • Long Lasting – We say our nails can last up to two weeks when applied correctly and fully cured, but even longer if taken care of. 
  • Safe – We’re proud to say that we use non-toxic materials in the manufacturing of our nails. Our nail wraps wont damage your natural nail and are perfect for brittle nails as it provides protection and allows usual growth.