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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do SITICKIT semi-cured nail wraps last?

STICKIT nails can last from anywhere to 7- 14 days depending on the application. Please view the application process here for more information.

What is included in a STICKIT nail box?

Included in each STICKIT nail wrap purchase you will receive

  • 20 semi-cured nails strips
  • Nail file
  • Wooden cuticle stick
  • Alcohol wipe

Do I need a UV light?

Absolutely! STICKIT nails are real liquid gel that are 60% semi-cured, you will required the use of a UV lamp to 100% cure the gel.

How long does it take to cure STICKIT nails?

The curing process is super simple and only takes 60 seconds. Please note there is no harm in curing your nails for an extra 60 seconds if you feel it’s needed.

How do you remove SITICKIT semi-cured nail wraps?

The removal of STICKIT nails is super simple. Using the wooden cuticle stick provided gently push around the edges of the nail wrap to lift. Once lifted continue to gently push back the sticker.

Will the STICKIT nail wraps fit my fingers? 

Each set of STICKIT nails include 20 nail wraps with 10 different sizes, this is to ensure that you have options. At STICKIT we say that our semi-cured nail wraps fit most!

Can I file my nails once cured?

Yes it is more then fine to file once cure, please remember that it is best to file in a downwards motion.

Is STICKIT an Australian company?

Yes, we certainly are! STICKIT is a business that is based in Regional Victoria, we use local and imported products.