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Will your nails fit my nails?

How do you describe your nails?

Prior to starting STICKIT Nails I had no idea how many ways one could described their nails.

My nails are long, my nails are short, my nails are narrow, my nails are ugly, my nails are wide, I hate my nails… I think I've heard it all!

At STICKIT Nails we often get asked the question; ‘Will your nails fit my nails?’

In short, on our sales page we say that ‘our nails fit most’, this is simply because we cannot 100% guarantee that they will … although we wish we could.

But today we write with good news, we believe that with a few bits of application advice we feel that we our nails are for everybody.

Below we aim to highlight some of the application tips and tricks we've learnt along the way.

Wider Nails

If you have a winder nail, you may find that some of our sizes are just a little small. If this is you, then when applying the nail stickers ensure that it is cantered on your nail. When sticking the rest of the nail down gently pull the nail sticker (as they have a little bit of stretch) to gain the extra millimetre you may require. If you plan on trying this technique please be sure to not over stretch the nail sticker as it can distort the nail and colour pattern.

Shorter Nails

If your nails are shorter then prior to peeling off your nail sticker we recommend that you cut it in half, this means you can use the one nail sticker for two nails – winning. Using the nail stickers in this way will reduce waste. However, this won’t be the only win you'll have as you’ll be able to save on your cash as you will be able to get two sets from the one package. Should we be encouraging this, no! But do we love our customers and want to help them out? Yes, you can thank us later.

This brings us to one of the best kept secrets... How to store your left-over nails stickers.

To store your left-over nail stickers simply place them back on the black pouch and re-seal using your hair straightener.

Benefits for storing your nails like this:

  • No chance of UV hitting the nail, ensuring that they don’t set before you’re ready to us them again
  • They stay flexible and manageable
  • They don’t dry out

Check out these image of how to use the 1 sticker for 2 nails, and for all other application assistance click here.


If you have any questions please reach out and we'll do our best to help, until then why not check our latest collection here.

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