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What are semi cured gel nails?



STICKIT Nails are semi cured gel but are in fact made from 100% real liquid gel nail polish. This is the type of polish that you can buy from your local retail store of chemist and what is used if you get your nails done at the salon.

We too use the real liquid gel, however it has been 60% cured to make the application process a whole lot easier - no more smudging or mess!

When the gel is cured at 60% it becomes a flexible and wearable material. STICKIT Nails will come in this state which makes them a very manageable material work with, making them easy for you peel off the sheet and stick on to your nail. Each nail has some give to ensure that our nails suit most nail shapes and sizes.

The semi-cured state needs to have the remaining 40% cured to completely harden the nail and give you the high quality nail salon shine and finish that we love! The final cure will take 60 seconds under a UV light, and once cured will last for 10 – 14 days.


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