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UV Lamp V’s LED Lamp – Curing Gel Nails

UV Lamp V’s LED Lamp – Curing Gel Nails

It’s super exciting that you've just become a part of the DIY gel nail community. Firstly, welcome! We're thrilled to have you on our side. No doubt, you just want to get into the application of your new nails – but first it’s important to check that you have the right gear.

I bet you’re wondering if UV nail lamps and LED nail lamps are actually different, and if so, which you should purchase to cure your at home gel manicure.

Most of the research you do will say that they require a UV nail lamp to cure gel polish or a semi-cured gel nail sticker.

Okay, so what even is a LED nail lamp.

Well, it’s actually very similar to a UV lamp, as it still emits UV waves. The difference is that the LED nail lamps emit a narrower spectrum of UV radiation, typically on UVA or UVB.

Simply, put they will cure your gel nail manicure faster! Some products can take 2 minutes to cure under a UV nail lamp, however, with the LED nail lamp it can take 30 seconds.

However, it’s important to note that if you’re curing semi-cured gel nail stickers, they only require 60 seconds under the UV nail lamp (depending on brand).


Model is wearing 'Be Mine' STICKIT Nail gel nail stickers

Helpful points to remember:

  1. Both UV nail lamps and LED nail lamps emit UV wavelengths.
  2. Both UV nail lamps and LED nail lamps cure gel nails.
  3. LED nail lamps cure gel polish faster than UV nail lamps.
  4. LED nail lamps can be used on semi-cured nails, but you will need to be careful of over curing.

So, do you need a LED lamp for semi-cured nails?

If you’re now feeling even more confused as to what nail lamp to use, we get it! Honestly, if you are using semi-cured gel nail stickers than you probably don’t need the LED nail lamp. Let’s look at STICKIT Nails semi-cured nail stickers, they only require 60 seconds to 100% cure under the UV light so there is no real benefit from using the LED lamp so save the money and treat yourself to a new set of nail stickers.

If you’re using a variety of different products like nail builders, topcoats, designs and you are noticing that the perfect manicure is taking too long then you might find a LED nail lamp a better option for you.

Let me know your thoughts, will you be getting a LED nail lamp?

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