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UV Gel Nail Wraps V’s Nail wraps- Pros + Cons

UV Gel Nail Wraps V’s Nail wraps- Pros + Cons

I guess you are probably wondering are Gel Nail wraps for you.

The market is flooded with at home manicure sets, promising you a salon quality finish. And yes, some live up to their claims, but many are missing the mark and leave you feeling frustrated.

So, what's so different about STICKIT Nails UV gel nail wraps and are they a good fit for you? 

What makes UV gel nail wraps so different?

STICKIT Nails UV gel wraps are made from 100% real liquid gel nail polish. Yes, this is the type of polish that you can buy from your local retail store or chemist.

However, the liquid gel has been 60% cured to make the application process a whole lot easier - no more smudging or mess!

Because semi-cured gel nails (aka Gel nail wraps) have 60% cured the polish it makes your job 100% easier! The polish has been set just enough so that it becomes a flexible and wearable material. Gel nail wraps have been created to make the at home manicure a breeze. The polish is set at 60% into nail stickers that make it easy for you peel off the sheet and stick on to your nail. Each nail has some give to ensure that the gel nail stickers will suit most nail shapes and sizes.

To apply UV gel nail wraps all you need to do is

  • Prep It: File the nail and clean with alcohol wipe.
  • Measure It: Pick the nail that best suits you.
  • Stick It: Stick the UV gel nail wrap to your nail.
  • Tidy It: Trim off excess UV gel nail wrap.
  • Cure It: Using a UV light cure the nail for 60seconds.


Check out this table to compare the main differences between Gel nail wraps and other at home manicure options:

Nail Polish 


Nail polish is the where it all began, A traditional classic that was your only option to get great looking nails from a home manicure or pedicure. Liquid nail polish is readily available from most stores, from retail to the chemist to the supermarket and everything in between. Nail polishes are available in a great variety of brands and colours. However, there is some faults, there difficult to apply perfectly and takes forever (and I mean forever) to dry. If you are looking for super quick and easy at home manicure, then liquid nail polish might not be for you. 

Nail Polish Stickers

Nail polish sticker’s and semi-cured gel nail stickers are often categorised all together, and although have similar aspects they are definitely different. Yes, visually they appear the same, however, nail polish stickers are just that, stickers. Nail polish stickers are made from vinal and other plastics. Due to the materials that nail polish stickers are made from they are thin and have no stretch, hence if your nails don’t fit 'standard sizing’ then unfortunately you are out of luck. If you are searching for a manicure that it fast and will last only a couple of days, then these are a great choice.

Dip Nails

Dip nails are a super easy way to apply acrylic nails. However, they definitely don’t have your nail health in mind. They often damaged your nails as the removal process requires you to use 100% acetone. This process can damage your nails as typically the acetone removes more then the nail colour, leaving your nails weak and brittle. The Dip Nail product allows you easily give yourself nail extensions – but if you want on-trend designs, you’ll need to paint them yourself.

Which nail manicure style best suits your lifestyle?

Let us know if there is specific topics that you’d like to learn about.


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