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Manicure Vs Pedicure


Manicure Vs Pedicure

Since our hands and feet are typically exposed to harsh weather conditions, germs, and dirt, these body parts are at greater risk of becoming dry, damaged, and infected.

Let’s be honest, no-one wants a fungal infection!

To combat these issues mentioned above, the manicure and pedicure were created to ensure nail health was prioritised.

A manicure (hands) and a pedicure (feet) are both cosmetic beauty treatments, but they differ in a few ways.


A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the hands and fingernails. A manicure typically involves trimming and shaping the nails, pushing back the cuticles, exfoliating the skin, and moisturising the hands. Often speaking a manicure also includes the application of nail colour, art, and decorative nail enhancements as a final step.

Manicures can be completed at a nail salon or at home, and there are a variety of different styles and techniques that you can choose from.

Some of the popular manicures include:

Manicures can have many benefits:

  • Prevents infections.
  • Boosts nail health.
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation.
  • Makes your hand look younger.
  • Improved mental health.

Typically speaking manicures can help keep your nails looking healthy and neat, they can also be a great way to unwind and give yourself a little self-care.

Model is wearing STICKIT Nails pretty in pink semi cured nails.


A pedicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the feet and toenails that's typically performed at a spa or nail salon, however, it can also be performed at home.

Steps for completing a pedicure:

  • Remove nail polish.
  • Soak feet in warm water to soften the skin and nails.
  • Take care of the cuticles, push back and trim.
  • Exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin.
  • Treat calluses.
  • Trim and file nails to a length and shape to suit you.
  • Moisturise and massage to hydrate the feet.
  • Apply toe nail colour so that they stand out!

Pedicures can have many benefits:

  • Early detection of problems.
  • Decreased chances of infection.
  • Preserves skin moisture.
  • Exfoliates the feet.
  • Promotes circulation.
  • Relaxes the body.

A pedicure can help improve the appearance and health of your feet, as well as promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Model is wearing STICKIT Nails pretty in pink semi cured nails.

In summary, whilst both manicures and pedicures involve nail care and skin care for the hands and feet. The main difference is that a manicure focuses on the hands, while a pedicure focuses on the feet.

Please let us know if you want more article on manicures or pedicures.

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