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How to Prep your Nails for Semi-cured Gel Nails

How to Prep your Nails for Semi-cured Gel Nail Stickers

Is giving yourself a glossy at home manicure as easy as sticking stickers onto your nails?

Actually, almost!

Like a lot of things, an at home manicure systems require a lengthy prep process. You need to apply a series of different base coats, powders, let them dry or cure... 

It can all feel a bit daunting and complicated.

Stress no more, semi-cured gel nail stickers are different!

The prep process for STICKIT nails can be as simple as wiping your natural nails with an alcohol wipe – it truly is that easy!

There is no messy powers or polishes, and definitely no drying time.

However, if you wish to give you nails a little extra love and care, here is what we recommend...

Cuticle care

Yes, we know the best way to care for your cuticle is to keep them moisturised – but we get it, life is busy. If you notice that your cuticles are lifting or need a little love, we recommend using cuticle removers or cuticle scissors, just be careful not to remove too much.

Trim your nails (if you wish)

This step is totally up to you.

In this step you want to focus on shortening the nail with a set of nail clippers. Once you are happy with the length you may add a little shape, but we are not looking for perfection as that will come with the filing… step 3.

File your nails.


After you have trimmed or not trimmed your nails, we recommend using a nail file to perfect your nail shape and length. Using the nail file that we provide works great, or alternatively we suggest using a glass nail file as they tend to be a little more gentle on the nail.

Alcohol Wipe 


The final step is to use the alcohol wipe that is provided to clean your nail. Or like mentioned above, if you're time poor or your happy with your nail health only do this step.

With these simple four steps you have completed the ‘nail prep phase’. Now all you need to do is pick your favourite STICKIT nails set and follow the application steps.

It’s as simple as prep it, measure it, stick it, tidy it, and cure it.

Please le me know if this was helpful!

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