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Gel Nails, Press-On Nails and Semi-cured Nails – What does it all mean?


Gel nails were once a look that you could only get from an expensive nail salon. They are applied by professionals and then hardened with a UV light to get a super glossy finish. Once the nails grow out you’ll then need to return to the salon to get them removed, often causing serious damage to your nails. Our semi-cured nails give you the same result but at a fraction of the time and cost, with the bonus of removing them at home.


Press-on nails, also known as glue-on nails - simply put are artificial nails. They are made of an acrylic resin with an adhesive sticker or glue that sticks them to your nails. Generally speaking, press-on nails are applied with the intention for them to complement an outfit or girls weekend. The upside of press-on nails is that they offer the customer nail length and a nice finish. However, although these nails offer length, they do not offer longevity, with most not lasting longer than a week.


Semi-cured nails are suitable for all occasions, they add lux and glamour to the standard nail stickers. Semi-cured nails are another form of adhesive nails although they are guaranteed to last longer. The application process is complete in 5 simple steps.

Prep It - Wash your hands and use alcohol pad to clean the nail.

Measure It - Pick the nail that best suits you, your pack will come with 20 nail wraps.

Stick It - Peel the protector off the nail wrap and get ready to stick it.

Tidy It - Using the nail file or nails clipper remove the excess nail wrap.

Cure It - Using the UV light cure the nail for 60 seconds.

Although semi-cure nails require the extra step of curing under a UV light, we can ensure you it will be worth your time. The nails harden under a UV light to give a glossy long-lasting finish that will be a conversation starter. Our STICKIT Nails have been known to last 3+ weeks.

Semi-cured nails wear just like salon nails; however, we believe that there are many more positives:

  • Applied in the comfort of your home in a matter of minutes
  • Removal process is completed at home, without the need of harsh chemicals
  • Natural nail is not damaged
  • They come in 10 different sizes
  • Protects nails to promote growth
  • They’re cost effective
  • There is a wide range of solid colour and pattern styles
  • They last REALLY long time

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When will you start your semi-cured nail obsession?


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