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Best 2023 Winter Nail Trends


Best 2023 Winter Nail Trends

Just as we had mastered the perfect the glazed donut nails, the trend has officially started dying down. Whilst we still approve of the shimmery, glossy manicure that monopolized fingernails for months, it would be remiss of me not to introduce you to a new class of nail designs for winter.

The latest 2023 nail trends have started with inspiration from Tik Tok manicures and timeless classics with a modern twist.

Micro-French: Keep things minimal with a dainty classic.

The classic French manicure has taken on a minimalist approach this winter. Research has suggested, that the Micro-French nail is the most frequently requested nail design in salons now. It has been predicted that this look will replace solid-coloured pastels… at least for the next few months.

We will see French manicures getting scaled back – Nail artists have been painting a micro-French look, featuring pencil thin tips instead of the typical half-moon.

Milky Nails: Add a pearl finish to your natural manicure.

It’s no surprise that healthy-looking nails never go out of style, and this winter is no exception. It was noted that pearly, sheer manicure was on runways and fashion campaigns this season. Milky nails are a sought-after favourite as it’s a great way to dress up your bare nails. The look is easy to achieve simply apply a few coats of opalescent pink nail polish – it’s your nails- but better.


Ombre: Faded tips are back in a bold way.

There’s no denying it – Ombre nails are hot! But this season we will see the fade lead to a more concentrated tip. This look is accomplished by taking a small soft sponge and dabbing the tip of your nails with a darker colour then gradually fading towards the cuticle stopping about a third of the way down your nail bed. On trend is ‘the black fade’ but if black isn’t your vibe that’s okay you can create the look with an array of different colour combinations.

Pastels: Add a little colour to your winter.

Pastel colour pallets will still be a thing, although we can expect to see mauves, greens and blues take on a pearl finish rather than the standard gloss. 2023 will encourage people to take a leap from the classic solid glossy manicure in favour for experimenting with eye-catching finishes like chrome (iridescent) or velvet. For a chrome finish, apply one or two coats of choice of pastels with a top with chrome powder using a sponge. For a velvet finish, layer on magnetic nail polish.

Black Nails: Channel you inner Wednesday Addams.

The Wednesday Addams influence is still going strong, so we can expect to see some moody manicures this winter. 2023 Runway’s across the world saw models walk the runway with long, stiletto-shaped nails coated in black nail polish. The black polish was glossy, matte, metallic and pearlescent finish. Winter 2023 will see black polish used as the base colour, the tip, the Ombre and the accent.

Let us know your thoughts on these 2023 winter trends.

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